Julie Rising

I live in Carmarthenshire, where I am a 3rd year art student studying BA Hons Fine Art at Carmarthen School of Art. I research and create in my garden studio surrounded by the forests of Cych valley, listening to the river , radio 4 or 6.

During my  childhood  I constantly sketched patterns, crafted and continued to be creative throughout my adult life,  during a nursing career of 30 yrs in London. London’s cultural offerings were a gateway to my interest in the arts. I visited galleries, and participated in many creative  courses often. From paper making to photography ,weaving, collage and painting.

My artwork is primarily organic and developed intuitively from memory and emotions. I work organically, expressed using mixed media ((Acrylic, Ink, Oil pastel, Collage, Graphite ), known to be lyrical in style with a lively considered use of colour. I have a lot of fun experimenting. My starting point can be a concept, object, or the non tangible, a feeling, emotion or response. 

I have been known to ‘think outside the box’ which surfaces in my art. I often allow the abstracted results to shape forms  and a story organically. 

Structured and unstructured areas show opposite areas of thoughtful quiet and precise detailed noise which balances my artwork. 

This is akin to my personality, and how I respond to my life’s experiences  in the world, they all inform my artwork and the mood of the narrative within each piece.

All of my work is available to purchase.